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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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she's my very, very close friend. and now she's gone. >> an emotional farewell tonight. several faiths and cultures come together to remember seven people that made a difference in their lives. happening right now, divers still looking for the gun used to kill seven people and wound three others during sunday's
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mass school shooting. one l. goh remains in police custody. tonight, we learn what he's revealing to them. but stephanie is in oakland with a community in mourning. and you spoke to a teacher that wasn't in class on that deadly day? >> that's right. she just started teaching here in january. she was scheduled to be here teaching yesterday morning. but at the last minute, that was all changed. we spoke with friends at other victims at a prayer vigil tonight. and with us, they shared both pictures and memories. ♪ i want to love you >> reporter: you could catch grace kim doing what she loved most, making her friends laugh. the 23-year-old was working a waitressing job as she studied to become a nurse. hundreds gathered at the nearby baptist church to remember all seven victims. right in the middle, kim's
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childhood friend, doreen. >> she told me that she didn't like seeing me crying for any reason. i know that i don't want to cry for her. >> reporter: but tears could be seen everywhere, during tonight's prayer vigil. religious leaders shared words of comfort. >> we seek peace over the city. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan offered a plea. >> we reach out to those in anger. and we move and rise together and fulfill the dreams that these young immigrants have. >> reporter: young immigrants like this nursing student at oikos. she was supposed to be there that morning, but she was told to teach at night. stepping foot on campus is not a reality she's ready to face. >> i don't want to go back. it's so sad. very tragic. very painful. she's my very, very close friend. now, she's gone.
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everything there reminds me of her. >> reporter: friends of grace kim say they have no choice but to move forward because that's what she would want. >> she would probably want me to graduate, have fun. >> reporter: a flood of emotion tonight. many people saying it's been difficult to move on. to help with that, the city and the county have offered counseling support and set up a crisis line for anybody who needs it. there is sadness. but also the reality of the investigation. nbc bay area's jean elle continues our live coverage, where dive teams have searching the murky waters of the oakland estuary tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: this is a very active scene. divers are in the water looking for that gun. it's a methodical search. you can see there's crews onshore here. they are guiding the divers by
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tugging on ropes that are attached to the divers. the oakland police department say they are anxious to recover this gun because it's a hazard and it's an important piece of evidence. divers, preparing to head into the water to search for a gun used in a deadly oakland shooting, simulate the shooter's actions. throwing things into the water. >> the dive teams will take an object of similar weight. they will throw that in the water to simulate what a person can do, so you know the distance out in the water you have to dive. >> reporter: police say one goh tossed the handgun into the waters here on monday. he killed seven people and wounded three more at oikos university. then, drove to the estuary in a victim's car. tossed the gun. and then, turned himself in at a safeway in alameda. the alameda dive team is
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catching a 90 by 75 foot area. >> once you get under the water there's zero visibility. you're doing it by your hands and your feet. >> reporter: while teams search for the murder weapon, police are revealing more of what happened monday morning. the former oikos student planned to target a female administrator at the small private college. when she wasn't there, police say goh randomly grabbed a school secretary. shooting and killing her, and then killing six students. police say goh ordered the students to line up against the wall and started shooting. police radio reveal a gruesome scene. >> he's down on the ground. facedown on the concrete and bleeding. >> we've got at least five down inside the victim. >> victims running out. three females. >> reporter: police say goh bought the gun legally in february. and it appears he was planning the shooting for weeks. police say goh is cooperative but is still upset with school
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administrators who say he was excelled for having anger issues. divers say they will be in the water for several more hours unless they find this gun quickly. they've been searching since about 8:30 tonight. as for goh, he is expected to make his first appearance in court tomorrow. reporting live in oakland. >> thank you, jean. many relatives from around the world are getting the news about their loved ones who died. there are others who survived. some with remarkable stories. we'll continue our coverage in about five minutes. thousands of people in the dallas/ft. worth area are recovering after a devastating tornado in texas, that ripped through homes and businesses. jay gray is in lancaster, texas, with the latest. >> texas under attack. >> it's throwing 18-wheelers. >> reporter: the raw power of a massive tornado, playing out on live television today, across north texas. tractor-trailers. more than 50 feet long and
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60,000 pounds, tossed hundreds of feet in the air. >> this issing there i've never seen before. >> reporter: this part of tornado alley is no stranger to twitser. but few have seen anything like this. multiple tornadoes, tossing everything in their path. >> you see it on television. we saw it in the midwest. we just -- it's another thing when it hits you personally. hours after the storms, it's hard to believe. neighborhoods tattered and torn. survivors who clung to life during the storm, now clinging to each other. >> the woods from the back fence was going that way. so, i pulled back in. i heard a thump. turned around. and here was this truck. >> reporter: many say, early warnings and the graphic pictures likely saved their lives. >> i seen on the news, the tornado was on the ground for ten minutes.
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>> reporter: this nursing home lost an entire wing. but somehow, not a single life. at dfw, more than 100 planes were damaged. a vicious, ominous warning, as tornado season moves into what are its most violent months. it has obviously has been a difficult season here. there is a curfew tonight. the cleanup in what is going to be a long and difficult recovery, will begin in ernest early tomorrow morning here. in lan costar, texas, jay gray. american airlines canceled close to 20 flights in and out of sfo and san jose, because of the tornadoes today. if you have a flight planned for tomorrow, you should call ahead before you go.
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> turning to decision 2012. mitt romney is enjoying a three-state sweep in the primaries tonight. he is pitting himself as a clear challenger to president obama. he's no longer addressing his republican competitors. he's turning his campaign to the white house. >> i don't want to transform america. i want to restore to america the economic values of people and opportunity and limited government that have made us the powerhouse of the world. >> romney hocked up victories in maryland, washington, d.c. and took the largest prize of the evening, heavily-contested wisconsin. he scheduled to speak tomorrow before he campaigns in rick santorum's turf of pennsylvania. a move of layoffs could come tomorrow. sources close to the website says that yahoo! plans to lay off as many as 2,000 employees some time in the next two days. most likely it will happen
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tomorrow. the layoffs are just the tip of the iceberg for yahoo! leadership is looking for other places that it cut costs, as well. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. this system starts to roll across san francisco. we're tracking showers. also sierra snow. we'll let you know how low the numbers will go in the seven-day forecast. what's with the delay. new details on when a hot spot in the south bay will open its doors. get in shape by popping a bill? a new kiss discovery. she went to the store to buy a lottery ticket. she has no idea how lucky she really was. ♪
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they were all similar immigrants, striving for a better life in the united states. but all victims came to a tragic end. the coroner's office, has identified seven victims. the youngest, just 21 years old. they all lived in the bay area. but came to the small christian university, and all over the world to pursue a variety of different careers. george kiriyama, now. they were part of our community. >> reporter: they were, raj. at one home, we met a relieved family of one of the survivors. at a home in san jose, we knocked on the door of another family. they didn't answer. the loss of their loved one, still too fresh in their minds. the bandage covers a keep scar. the army reserve member, is one
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of three survivors of a gunman's rampage at oikos university on monday. >> it happensed so fast. >> reporter: they were trapped. >> he walked in and started shooting. >> reporter: police say the suspect, one goh, then carjacked a car in the campus parking lot. >> he always go by here. say hello to me. buy something from my store. >> reporter: his friends in san francisco, say he came to the united states in 2006, on a student visa. sandy close became good friends with him on the holidays. >> a rare opportunity to make that connection. and i will remember him. >> reporter: in san jose, she wondered why she hasn't seen her
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neighbor since monday afternoon. then, she found out the horrible news. she was one of the seven killed. seymour was a mom with two children. >> i feel so bad for the kids. i don't know, you know, what they're going to do and how they feel. i'll bet they feel really, really, really hurt right now. >> reporter: she came within inches of dying. instead, she is alive and able to break bread with her fellow soldiers and family. we're learning that judith seymour was following her parents' footsteps to get her nursing degree. >> we invite you to stay with bay area news, for our continuing coverage of the story. we're working on learning new details overnight in the next few hours. we'll have the latest tomorrow morning. our coverage begins at 4:30 a.m. you can head to our website,
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medical marijuana supporters were protesting the crackdown on medical marijuana hubs. nair accusing the federal government of using intimidation to close down dozens of legitimate medical cannabis clubs. this rally was planned before yesterday's federal raid on oakland's oaksterdam university. advocates say the raids have only served to unite cannabis supporters. >> the important thing we're looking at is this might have gavelized the response from our community to say who is next. >> oaksterdam remained closed as the school cleaned up from yesterday's raid. the search warrant remained sealed, leaving questions about what the agents were looking for. it was a mid-air catastrophe
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in florida. helen was able to use her cell phone to call 911 the air. and before long, a flight instructor was flying alongside of her, trying to guide her down. >> i was able to monitor what she was doing in her aircraft, by what was happening in my aircraft. >> after circling the airport for more than an hour, one of the engines ran out of fuel, forcing helen to come down. the plane bounced 30 feet. but ultimately landed safely. she's recovering from minor injuries while everyone involved is admiring her courage. we know that exercise is good for your health. but it's not always on the top of list of things we're excited to do. what if you could pop a pill that would give you the same weight loss benefits of exercise? scott budman has more on what could be the ultimate fat burner. >> it works. exercise works. >> reporter: which is exactly why so many people prefer to do this instead.
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what if you could plop in front of the tv and get the benefit of going to the gym? >> it sounds good, doesn't it? >> reporter: good? how about fantastic? is it possible? well, possibly, according to recent research done at harvard medical school. scientists say they pinpointed the hormone in muscle cells that triggers the benefits of exercise. >> discovery of the hormone that's released from muscle during exercise, is a scientific breakthrough. >> reporter: named after the goddess iris, researchers say the hormone has a powerful effect on white fat. that's the fat that gets stored as calories. according to the researchers, when the hormone is injected into mice, it turns on genes that would change the white fat into brown fat. that's the kind of fat that
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burns more calories. it's what our bodies do naturally when we work out. >> animals exercise, and the muscle releases this hormone. and it tells the fat to burn more calories. >> is it time to toss out the gym membership and head for the barcalounger? it won't make muscles stronger. and it won't be tested on humans for a couple of years. doctors don't know what the side-effects will be. and dr. williams stresses, it's not easy to turn research into reality. >> it's difficult to translate scientific discoveries, even actual ones. >> but if getting fit and dropping some pounds is your goal, here is what the doctor says are two sure fire ways to get started. >> one is, get rid of sugary beverages. get rid of sugary soft drinks. and the second thing is, walk. if you can, walk.
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>> good, old-fashioned advice at end. >> i was hoping for the pill. let's turn things over to jeff in the weather center. >> good weather to get outside and exercise in the forecast. still tracking showers on the doppler radar. let's look at what this drizzle has accounted to in oakland. we're still finding a bit of activity near south san jose. some spotty showers continuing. but the storm system is losing its punch, as it moves up against the sierra here. we're finding some snowfall. but only one to three inches as we head into tomorrow morning. that entire elevation hoping to squeeze out moisture that's left. 48 in santa rosa. plenty of 50s right now. and that air is becoming not only colder but drier. we've had humidity ahead of the system. as temperatures drop on wednesday, you're going to notice that difference out there where you may need a jacket, as
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you head into the afternoon hours. behind this, not too much in the way of rachl expected. it's going to be about the onshore throw continuing wednesday and thursday. spots in the 60s and 70s today, could be into the 50s by thursday. that's going to kick up the winds here, along the coastline. it will be breezy, 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll find spotty showers possible at 7:00 a.m. that's going to linger to 3:00 p.m. not anything major. but may need to kick on the windshield wipers. we'll be drying out and seeing that trend lasting thursday into friday. 42 in santa rosa. 46 in fremont. 45 in san jose. and 44 in santa cruz. wednesday, 60 at san jose. 59 in palo alto. for the east bay around, mid to upper 50s, in dublin, danville.
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alameda, 57. 55 in bodega bay. 54 expected in half moon bay. on your three-day forecast, dry on thursday and friday. temperatures on the cooler side. easter weekend is coming up. here's how it's going to play up. upper 60s and low 70s saturday and sunday. a decent dump in the temperatures. by monday and tuesday, pretty great start for us with maybe some rain into mid next week. but that's not what all of you care about. all of you can kids and plans this weekend, you want the easter egg hunt to be perfect. >> have the easter bunny get wet. >> i know. >> there may be due on the eggs. >> that's perfect. >> i can't do anything about that. >> perfect. coming up,ical o make medal history.
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tonight was supposed to be the opening. but that's not happening. the south bay casino is going to have to wait. the casino is waiting for its
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final permits from the city. until that happens, more than 700 employees are out of work. last week, the casino shoed san jose to try to get the doors open. the judge denied the request for an expedited hearing. the casino is betting the paperwork will be done by the end of april. a hospital is about to make history. doctors at the regional medical center of san jose will use a robotic system to make a cut in a woman's belly button and remove her gall blater from it.
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i'm just when the rest of the nhl thought it was safe to go back in the water.
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the sharks, striking in dallas. there was angst whether this game would be played. it was game on. the sharks had the lead. 3-2, late in the third. joe thornton, with the insurance goal. team teal wins 5-2. >> it's about winning games. i was asked about assists. that doesn't matter. we have to win hockey games. win the hockey game, period. on the diamond, battle of the bay continued on tuesday night. a's/giants tied in the fifth. aubrey huff, to score cabrera. and matt cain taking the hill for the first time since signing that deal. bottom of the fifth, watch this.
11:28 pm
cain falls to the ground. and giants win 3-2, behind matt's strong outing and that strong "d." >> it would have been easier. you kind of get lucky and wing it. i did. i winged it. it worked out to go to first y.out led get the guy. giants open their season friday in arizona. you can watch the game at at&t. watch the giant and d-backs on the big screen with hot dogs and foam fingers. the warriors visiting the grizzlies. up ten in the fourth. nate robinson, he had 18. warriors up 12, they're going to win, right? huh-uh. memphis comes back. marc gasol, no. rudy guy, yes. to football, stanford was abuzz with activity tuesday afternoon, as andrew luck held a
11:29 pm
private workout for the indianapolis colts. chuck pagano was amongst those we spotted in our exclusive video of arrival to the session. few details surrounding the workout have been released. there is some growing speculation it is not a slam-dunk andrew luck will be with the indianapolis colts. to that, i say yeah, right. >> thanks a lot, dave. e run. ♪
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this got a little dicey. a customer in a convenience store in connecticut narrowly escaped being caught in a hit and run. this shows a woman at the counter of the store last night. when suddenly, that suv comes crashing through the wall. the car missed her, as you see, by mere inches. the diver backed out and sped away. the suspect was arrested
11:32 pm
afterward. police say he admitted to being drunk. i think she was there to buy a lotto ticket. >> lucky as she'll ever be. quickly, next couple of days, jeff? >> a lot cooler here for wednesday and thursday. upper 50s and 60s. by this weekend, we'll warm back up again. upper 07 70s expected and mostly sunny skies. >> you can wear your bonnet. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for.
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